Sunday, May 15, 2011

down home

i'm baaaaack!
"down home, where they know you by name a treat you like family" (of course, that was sung in my most amazing alabama voice eva. yes, just imagine..)

friday i flew into fort miz (that's fort myers for all you who didn't spend five years of your life on the west coast creating nicknames for everything imaginable). my amazing momma picked me up at the airport, of course had to get my eyebrows done by the only woman i've let touch those bad boys since about 3 years ago, beached it with a little sunburn on the side, and went to the most beautiful wedding with the happiest couple! [pictures to post later]

now? i'm baaaaaack home (yep, that was in my signing voice again). except this time it's without the excitement of getting to see my little puppy :( i had my little moment, cried it out, hugged it out, but it's still weird. there's this funk i've been in because she's not here. it just doesn't feel right...
good thing i had a graduation brunch this AM for my most fav. sistas - that helped distract me from the loneliness. had a little more sun-action, mojito's and 'rents included. 
bottom line? it feels damn good to be home.
...and have tan lines again :)

happy sunday-funday!

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