Tuesday, May 10, 2011


flashback two years ago: unemployed, in a new city, with no friends. what did i do? taught myself how to crochet...duh.
now that i'm back in a new city, without a job, and zero friends, i've thought about going back to my crocheting. there's still some organizing to do, so maybe once that's all done i'll be able to get back to my crafting. although, since summer is *cough* almost here i doubt i'll want to mess with the bulkiness of my yarn during the heat of the day (nor will i want to sit inside if the weather is poolside-worthy either), so maybe i'll get back to designing my "yart" - {wall decor made with yarn}. my cousin is already commissioning a few pieces to be made for her new home - that will definitely encourage me to get back into it.
here are a few projects i designed last year:

and maybe, if i get real bored, i'll teach myself how to knit. {that's something i've always wanted to learn how to do}. my first project? this little guy from my fav. crafting site - purl soho's the purl bee:

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