Monday, May 2, 2011

my royal wedding.

yes, i know the big shabang was on friday, but i want everyone to know i've been obsessed with it ever since. beau and i got up early friday morning. no, not to watch the long-awaited royal wedding, but instead to do a little p90x. pre-royal wedding, i just couldn't get caught up in all the excitement. buuuut, 45 minutes into it  we were both sitting on the couch, eyes-glued, watching what felt like a fairytale movie. beau was fascinated with every little detail of the ceremony. me, obsessed with kate's dress and gracefulness, like she had done this her entire life. watching such an beautiful event take place made me think of my own wedding.
(pics above are all from ashley brockinton photography)
sure, i might not be a princesses, but i sure as heck felt like one on my wedding day. my dress was certainly not made by the creative designer at alexander mcqueen, but i felt like it could have been. my grandma is not the queen, but my grandparents were there and healthy, and my parents were definitely the hosts with the most and were the sole reason i felt like i did on our magical day.
yep, i'm a my own little world, living with my prince in our little corner in northern indiana where i can burp and snort, trip up the stairs and do stupid things without having to worry about an entire nation watching my every move...and that's plenty good enough for me.
happy monday!

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