Thursday, May 19, 2011

one last time.

welp, this is it.

this weekend is the last weekend we will make the trip to athens as "students" (well, clearly beau is the student and i'm just the wife that feels like a student because this program has consumed our lives for the past two years). this weekend is his program's annual symposium weekend...alumni from allllll over, of alllll ages come to athens friday and saturday for an absolutely crazy time. i'm going to say it's the mardi gras of the mba/msa program - minus the floats and beads and flashing, and add a little banquet and "distinguished alum" speaking. ok, so maybe the mardi gras part happens after all the business stuff, but still...mardi gras-style nonetheless. this is also the last weekend that the second years will all be together! so you mix that in with crazy alumni who haven't seen court street in 10 years and it's a recipe for t-r-o-u-b-l-e.  

anywho, it shall be a good time...
oh! and did i mention my birthday is sunday?! yea, well, just another excuse to let loose ;)
my bags are packed and loaded into the car...just waiting on the hub-a-dub to get home. like my new hat? rockin' the fidora and a white tee - grandma and grandpa capone would be proud.

hope everyone has a great weekend! we're off!

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